ICPS 2015上認知語言學之父George Lakoff的演講全文



Most thought is unconscious, and the usual estimate is around 98 percent. But if you believe the work that Stan Dehaene talked about the other night, it is more than 98 percent. Consciousness is the tip of the iceberg of thought. It is there that things are put together in an interesting way and the interesting way is the following, that before consciousness, what happens is that your brain unconsciously changes what you perceive or what you think. This is something remarkable. I think one of the best papers I heard on this was by Shin Shimojo who is a vision scientist at the Caltech. He came to Berkeley a couple of months ago and gave a truly remarkable overview of experiments that showed this, many of them which were his. Let me give you a sense of this. Suppose you know that if there are flashing lights and they are going along and they are going fast enough, they look like a single stream. Read more

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